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"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful. committed citizens can change the world: indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."    - Margaret Mead

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"The whole is greater than the sum of its parts."  - Aristotle

Project Founders

The phases of Webster Walkability: past, present, and what we are envisioning next. 


Specific projects we are currently working to fund, and fundraising efforts to- date

Fundraising Goals

From the Board

September 2019


  • We are moving forward with plans for the intersection of Webster St and Snow Road. The traffic and pedestrian study that the Chamber funded produced three possible solutions for that intersection. 
  • The larger Webster Walkability group including police, DPW, library, and a few residents and local business owners met and agreed a stoplight is the most appropriate solution to pursue (versus stop signs or a roundabout). 
  • The Chamber WW committee is cooperating with the selectmen and DPW to position us for possible state funding for this stoplight, which is estimated at $250,000 or more. 
  • Plans are being drawn up for the light, and we are looking to hold a public forum in the coming months to discuss with a wider audience. 
  • Separately, the speed bumps on Library Plaza Road look to be very effective! 
  • Looking ahead, we will be having discussion about writing an article for spring Town Meeting regarding the paving and re-striping of the playground parking lot, coupled with a sidewalk stretched from the playground to a new crosswalk by the new wing of the library. 


From the Board

August 2019

  • The traffic/pedestrian study of the Webster St/ Snow Rd. intersection is complete, and three possible solutions were provided.  This study was funded 100% by the Chamber of Commerce. Click here to review. 
  • The three possible solutions are (1) a four-way stop, (2) a stop light, or (2) a small roundabout.  
  • On August 14th, a meeting was held at the Ventress Library to discuss these findings.  Present were several members of the Chamber, several local business owners, several DPW employees, two police officers, our Town Planner, and several members of the general public.  
  • All possible solutions were discussed, and the general consensus is that the stop light 
  • Our Phase I Punchlist is still a work in progress, but the speed bumps are IN on Library Plaza Road and certainly seem to be slowing traffic!


From the Board

July 2019

  • Our Phase I punch list has been partially completed by the DPW.  The crosswalks with the Ram logos look great!!
  • We are still waiting on about 22 of 32 items, and have been in contact with the DPW politely requesting timing updates. 
  • I have attached the updated Phase ! Punch list, green indicating complete, red indicating incomplete, and yellow indicating partial. 
  • The Chamber has funded the pedestrian study of the intersection of Webster St and Snow Rd.  The consultant has indicated that data has been collected, and we await the final report for review.  
  • The flashing pedestrian crossing signs have been ordered by the DPW, and the cost was very close to what we budgeted.  We await delivery and installation by the DPW, and will mount signage on these thanks to our sign sponsors Levitate and Tiny and Sons
  • We are continuing to communicate with Brixmor regarding their own improvements to Webster Sq., which are anticipated to be completed before year-end. 
  • Several of us met at the Levitate parking lot to brainstorm improvements to that parking lot and curbing.  This falls under the beautification component.  We are awaiting some ideas from J. Michael Landscaping, and plan to present to the larger committee at the next meeting
  • We did not get a warrant article written for fall town meeting (regarding the parking lot by the playground).  Probably was optimistic given the new Police Station and DPW Barn.  We will continue to discuss and perhaps aim for spring TM. 
  • Sponsorships available and needed.  Tell all your friends :). Meanwhile thanks also to Road to Responsibility, Rockland Trust, Station 8, Tumblefun, SweetFrog, and McNamara Financial.


From the Board

Jan 2019

The Marshfield Chamber of Commerce has been invigorated this year discussing potential enhancements to the Library Plaza and Webster Square areas of town.  This is an area of town that offers much to our residents and visitors and should continue to evolve to accommodate the Town’s needs. 

There is heavy traffic through this area, which is a blessing for businesses, but can be a hazard for pedestrians, cyclists, and drivers.  The Chamber’s broad mission in the coming years is to discuss and assist in implementing ways to make our town center more walkable.  We envision a family being able to park for an afternoon to enjoy the playground and library, then move on to shopping, restaurants, and ice cream.  The amenities are in place, but the ability to safely navigate this area, especially with kids in tow, is lacking.

We believe our businesses, many of which are owned by fellow Marshfield residents, would thrive with this increased walkability. 


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Support Webster Walkability

100% of every dollar raised goes towards enhancing the safety, walkability, and beautification of the Webster Square and Library Plaza areas of Marshfield.  Currently, donations can be made payable to "Marshfield Chamber of Commerce," with memo "Webster Walkability."


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