Project Phases


Phase II - Discussions Ongoing

In Phase II, we plan to begin developing solutions for the dangerous intersection of Webster St. and Snow Road.  We have funded a traffic study focusing on this area, and await the results (as of July 2019). We also plan to implement a beautification component, targeting the grassy triangle by the library, the old entrance to Snow Road from Webster Street where there are now concrete jersey barriers, and possibly outside of the skate park.  Ideas welcome!  Finally, we are having discussions regarding parking in the area with safe access to amenities.

Notes from May 23, 2019 Meeting

July 2019 Updates

Phase I - Vision Complete, Work Pending

In Phase I, we developed some simple but impactful updates to Library Plaza.  The idea was to start small, implement noticeable change, and gain momentum for future projects.  We have certainly been successful in gaining momentum, as the number of community members and town employees that express support for this initiative continues to grow. 

Phase I punch list of enhancements to Library Plaza, most to be completed Spring of 2019. 


The Marshfield Chamber of Commerce voted Webster Walkability as a primary area of focus in early 2018.  We anticipate this initiative to span several years and phases.   The Chamber recognized this area of town as an incredible resource for business and residents, alike.  But also recognized that safety enhancements are critical in order for that 

Meetings and Events

No upcoming events.

Walkability Punchlist Phase I (pdf)


Library Plaza Zones (png)